Should you live for your résumé … or your eulogy?


The Oxford comma is probably the only punctuation mark that can make people want to strangle and scream at each other. (Journalists aren’t supposed to use it but sometimes we sneak one in…*cue evil laughter*)

So what’s the big deal? Watch the video to find out. 


"The perfect Tweet length was right around 100 characters.”The Proven Ideal Length Of Every Tweet, Facebook Post, And Headline Online

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"Musical gentrification — where people with the means to live anywhere fucking insist on moving into the one part of town where all the cool shops are, and there goes the neighborhood."Winston Rowntree


This week, Mayor Bloomberg will visit each of the five boroughs to highlight key Administration initiatives and success from throughout the last 12 years. Today we look at Brooklyn by the numbers:

  • Since 2002, the Bloomberg Administration has invested more than $5 billion in capital improvements in NYC parks - the largest by any Administration. 
  • Across NYC, we’ve added more than 870 acres of parkland. In Brooklyn alone, we’ve added 102 acres of parkland and 106 new NYC parks.
  • Since 2001, Brooklyn’s population has grown by more than 94,000 people. There are 2,565,635 Brooklynites as of July 2012.
  • To help house Brooklynites, we’ve financed the preservation and construction of more than 43,000 affordable housing units in Brooklyn.
  • We’ve created more than 29,000 new school seats and 219 new schools in Brooklyn. Graduation rates are up by 65% since 2002.
  • Brooklyn’s economy has boomed with 78,771 additional private sector jobs; a 19% increase since 2002, compared to 3% nationally.
  • With 36 new hotels in Brooklyn, the number of leisure and hospitality jobs have nearly doubled.
  • Living in Brooklyn is safer than ever, too. Since 2001, we’ve cut murders by 43% and shootings by more than 35% in the borough.
  • People in Brooklyn even live longer today. Men live on average 3 years longer and women live nearly 3 years longer since 2001.

a practical guide to becoming a true pun master


  1. accept that no pun is actually Good, but that the true nature of a good pun is to be so terrible that it becomes good.
  2. say every pun that occurs to you. i’m so serious about this, sometimes the most well received puns will be ones you considered not saying.
  3. ALWAYS laugh at your own puns, even if nobody else is. (especially if nobody else is.)
  4. know that you are hilarious. puns are a limitless resource and you have taken it as your duty to bring this gift to humanity. you are a hero.

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A Twentysomething Party Vs. A Thirtysomething Party


This week, Thursday, in partnership with Columbia School of the Arts, my organization #mappinternational will be presenting a 21st Century style Teach-in. The subject matter, mass incarceration and the prison industrial complex. Find out how it works, how it plays into education, governmental, civil and economic policy. It is indeed the new Jim Crow. There are more black and brown men in the prison system than there ever was in slavery! That and more facts will be presented this Thursday 10/3 at Teachers College, Cowin Theater. For more information and to RSVP goto (at Cowin Center At Teachers College)

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